Graduate Employability:
the Graduate Identity Approach

Publications and working papers



  Graduates in Smaller Business is a pilot study of a graduate identity approach, examining the experience of graduates who have gained employment in smaller organisations. Project undertaken with funding support of the Government Office for London; completed August 1998
  Published journal articles and book chapters  

'Reframing the skills agenda in higher education: graduate identity and the double warrant', in D. Preston (ed.), University of Crisis, Rodopi Press (2002)

"Reconsidering Graduate Employability: the 'graduate identity' approach", in Quality in Higher Education, vol. 7, no. 4, July 2001

"Questioning the skills agenda"
in Fallows, S. and Steven, C. (2000) Integrating key skills in higher education: employability, transferable skills and lifelong learning, London: Kogan Page

"What can performance tell us about learning? Explicating a troubled concept"
European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, vol. 9, no.2, June 2000

"Competence and Capability: From 'Confidence Trick' to the Construction of the Graduate Identity"
Published in O'Reilly, D. Cunningham, L. and Lester, S. (1998), Developing the Capable Practitioner: professional capability through higher education, London: Kogan Page
(originally presented at conference on 'Beyond Competence to Capability and the Learning Society', Higher Education for Capability, UMIST, November 1995)

"Skills - A Social Perspective"
Published in Assiter, A. (ed.) (1995) Transferable Skills in Higher Education, London: Kogan Page

  Conference presentations  

Reconsidering Graduate Employability: Beyond Possessive-Instrumentalism (.pdf file)
Presented at the Seventh International Conference on HRD Research and Practice Across Europe, University of Tilburg, 22-24 May, 2006

Becoming a graduate, becoming a manager: the warranting of emergent identity
Presented at ‘Critique and Inclusivity: Opening the Agenda’, the 4th International Critical Management Studies Conference, University of Cambridge, July 2005

Higher Education and the Learning Agenda: A Degenerative Programme?
paper presented at 'Students and Learning: What is changing?', Annual conference of the Society for Research into Higher Education, Glasgow, December2002

"Higher education and the learning agenda: a degenerative programme?"
presented at Students and Learning: What is changing?
Annual conference of the Society for Research into Higher Education,
Glasgow, December, 2002

"Emergent identity, education and distributed assessment: an ethnomethodological exploration"
presented at Ethnomethodology: A Critical Celebration conference, University of Essex, March, 2002

"Decontaminating the concepts of 'learning' and 'competence': education and modalities of emergent identity"
Paper presented in Education Stream of Second International Conference on Critical Management Studies, Manchester, 2001

"Reframing Learning: Performance, Identity and Practice"
Presented at Critical Contributions to Managing and Learning: 2nd Connecting Learning and Critique Conference, Lancaster University, July 2000

"Reframing the skills agenda in higher education: graduate identity and the double warrant"
Presented at conference on The Future Business of Higher Education, Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, March 2000 (conference version; revised version published in D. Preston (ed.), University of Crisis, Rodopi Press (2002)

"One more time, transferable skills donít exist ... (and what we should do about it)"
Presented at Higher Education for Capability conference, ĎEmbedding Key Skills Across the Curriculum', Nene College, Northampton, 27th February 1998

"Reframing the Ability-Based Curriculum in Higher Education"
Presented to workshop of the Ability-Based Curriculum Network, London, 1996

"The capability curriculum, conventions of assessment and the construction of graduate employability"
Presented at Conference on 'Understanding the Social World', University of Huddersfield, 17th-19th July 1995

"Knocking on the Door and Ringing the Bell: Higher Education, Graduate Employment and the Double Warrant
Presented at 'Recording Achievement' conference, University of North London and Higher Education for Capability, March 1994